Restaurant Food Ordering System

Is Your Business Online Ready?

“81% of shoppers conduct?online?research before making purchases.??

They do their research ? and they do it?online. If you don’t have a website, then immediately, you come across as less credible and?your?potential customers are much more likely to look elsewhere.?



Everything You Need!

Whether your a Takeaway or Restaurant this is a must for your business.

Our online food ordering and delivery system?centralises all pick-up, delivery orders & restaurant bookings, so you can easily be in full control of your business.

Each time an order or reservation is placed, you get a notification on your smartphone or tablet. You have 3 minutes to confirm it, while we keep your hungry client busy.

Website promotion Tool

Setup your company’s own promotional deals direct from the app.

Facebook Ordering System

With our Facebook ordering app, your customers will be able to easily place online orders,?while your sales will go higher.

Website Ordering System

There’s nothing more annoying than spending too much time on the phone ordering food when you’re hungry. Take?orders fast with our website ordering system.

Delivery area Configuration

With our delivery configuration tool, you can actually draw the delivery zone you want to service & set area delivery charges.

Automatically Take Online Payments

Integrated payment system, customers can pay by Credit/Debit Card or with Paypal.?

How It Works!

We believe food lovers should have an amazing ordering experience for their delivery. This should be possible without ripping off restaurants by charging high commission payments on every order.

Your Beautifully Designed Site

Pure Web will design your company a one of a kind website. The site will be jam packed with an amazing 3 full pages of features.

Your customers will? be-able to book tables, order for delivery or collection and choose to pay via cash, card or Paypal.

The integrated App allows you to create eye catching promotions directly from your phone or tablet, For example Seduce your starving customers with a couple of hard to-say-no-to promos?located at the very top of your menu.

Our?website online ordering system?provides you with a powerful mechanism to?expand your loyal customer base?& ultimately,?sell more.

Connect your ordering system to Facebook

2.45 billion users is a more than enough reason to start selling your food on Facebook.?

We simply add the ordering button on your Facebook page and you are ready to receive orders.

Clicking the?”See MENU & Order”?button on your restaurant?s page will open a Facebook tab containing your delicious restaurant menu.

Your clients can now order without even leaving your restaurant’s Facebook page.

Menu Versertility

Your menu is 100% customisable features include:

  • Product Name?
  • Product Desription
  • Add Extra Items
  • Allergy Display Icons
  • Customer Special Instructions
  • Picture on every product, This can be supplied by you or we can arrange to have our professional photograper visit your site (Prices are on a quote basis for this service).

Receiving Your Orders

when a customer places an order on your website, Facebook or mobile app, it instantly gets pushed to your Android or iOS device.

Don’t worry if you forget to switch on the App or you have unexpected internet issues, you will automatically receive an automated phone call informing you that you have an order waiting to be confirmed.?

Show your chefs only information that’s relevant to them

The App can be connected to most Thermal printers via bluetooth or WIFI, allowing you to print the physical order.??

Our restaurant receipt maker enables you to remove sections of your Kitchen Essentials Receipt anyway you deem necessary.

Delivery Traffic Estimations & Integrated Cardinal Direction.

Thanks to the factoring-in-rush-hour-times algorithm, you?ll be able to provide your clients with?razor sharp traffic estimations.

In addition, the integrated cardinal direction will enable your drivers to take?multiple deliveries in the same direction.

Thus saving you both time and money

Use The Quality Control Checklist To Never Miss An Order Item Again

Keep?all of your clients happy.

Use the “Packaging station quality control” to make sure that your clients get what they asked for!

Use The Text-Free Sections To Advertise Your Restaurant Promotions.

Use the text-free sections of the restaurant receipt to advertise your ongoing promotions & secure tomorrow’s sales.

What better moment to get your clients’ attention than when they’re paying the bill?

And Your Order Is Out The Door....

Contact us to find out more about this amazing service, or why not try out our demo store The Pure Web Pizza Palace. Remember no matter how tasty the menu looks you will not receive your order…. Sorry! It’s for demo only.

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Pricing Models For Your Every Need

A complete restaurant ordering system with optional Branded Mobile App.

More than 52% of customers trust a restaurant?s own branded app?more than a third party food portal app.

So why not get your own branded mobile app & give your clients what they want?

full setup can save up 90% cost in comparison to the likes of Just Eat etc…..?

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