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Will my site always display properly?

One of the final stages of the build process is to test the new site on all the popular web browsers and operating systems. We only build responsive?websites because these days most people will browse your site on a?mobile phone or tablet.


Can't I just use a self-build website company?

Building your own website using a service such as Wix, GoDaddy or Shopify is an attractive solution to many business owners and entrepreneurs. It?s easy to see why, these websites are usually free or cost very little on a monthly basis (around ?20 per Month). The main things to consider are whether you have the time and / or knowledge in order to create a website for yourself? Can you optimise it to it?s full potential in terms of SEO optimisation? If you are looking for a more bespoke solution for your business and brand, then doing it yourself through a website builder means it?s unlikely that you?ll be able to produce those results yourself.?


Who hosts the website?

If we build your website, we will usually host it for you and you don?t need to do anything. We pay?the hosting fee for the first year and we?ll send you an invoice once a year thereafter. Alternatively, you can host the website elsewhere and manage it yourself. It?s completely up to you.


Will you buy the domain NAME for me?

Of course. You?re buying a website from us. It?s the least we can do. As long as it?s available for purchase, we?ll buy it for you and pay for the first year. We?ll send you an annual invoice for the renewal along with the hosting fees. Obviously, if the domain name costs more than the average of ?10-?20, then we?d have to discuss this with you!


Can I change the contents of my website?

Search engines favour sites where the content is regularly changed and updated. Increasingly the sites we build have at least one or two sections that clients manage themselves. Latest news and current job vacancies are obvious areas to use a simple content management system without the risk of tampering with carefully designed editorial pages. It?s worth spending a little time, at least once a month, ensuring your news really is news and not old out of date information.


Do you work with everyone?

No. We only work with business owners who we can truly help. We?re not the type of company who work with anyone and everyone just to make money. We need to be confident that we are the right fit for one another. This is why we have a free discovery session at the start of the process.


How much do you charge for a website?

Our website packages usually range from ?399 ? ?8,000. However it really depends on what kind of website you need.The?process we use to build your website?takes a certain amount of time and a lot of planning and research. Unlike other agencies, we DON?T use templates. We build your website from scratch, which means you get a unique design tailored around your business. Buying a website from us should not just simply be seen as a business expense as your website is a sales tool that should earn you money.


Do you do SEO for my website when you build it?

It depends which package you choose. SEO is usually an ongoing commitment and will require continuous work. However, we do offer a package that will start you off on the right foot.


Who will own the domain?

You will own the domain. We will register the domain in your name and address and it belongs to you. This means you have ultimate control over it.


How do I start the ball rolling?

Pick up the phone and call us on 077920 23250, or Click Here?we?d love to go over your project with you.

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